There was an amazing plus to using EzzzClean. Not only did it clean my equipment, but my cough and breathing difficulty stopped. The product is simple to use, and it works. I have more energy, and I am active again mowing, fishing, walking, and enjoying life.


Lewisville, Arkansas

I have used this product for about a year in my CPAP machine and it has helped me so much with my sinuses. If I don't use it I know for sure. I also used it in my husband's machine...and his cough he had for months went away in only days.


Magnolia, Arkansas

I've used a CPAP for 10+ years. Within 30 days of using EzzzClean, my sinuses were less congested and my sinus headaches were milder. After 90 days of use, I don't have sinus headaches at all. I attribute all of this to a cleaner CPAP machine.


Tatum, TX

Before I started using EzzzClean I had an electronic cleaning system that left an unpleasant odor in my CPAP machine. EzzzClean is easy to use and I know it works. Before using it I constantly had sinus infections and now I have few sinus issues. I would highly recommend EzzzClean.


Stamps, Arkansas